Extreme Haunted Houses Aren’t Cool—They’re Inhumane



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Before I make my case, let me say this, lest I be written off as a fuddy-duddy old scaredy cat — I’ve always adored this time of year and all the creepy, dark things that go with it. I was that kid who would seek out the scariest books and watch the scariest movies. The “Halloween” theme song made me giddy with anticipation the way “Jingle Bells” probably does for other people. I love the ambiance of the whole season: longer evenings punctuated by gusts of cold air and crunchy leaves, the sense of nature shedding the year and getting ready to hibernate and begin again, the fear that something menacing is watching from the shadows.

I spent hours upon hours of my teens and twenties contacting the dead through Ouija boards, reading tarot cards, and visiting places rumored to be truly haunted…

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